Where do i fit?

Leadership among women has become a National movement. As women are making transformative decisions to start businesses and become entrepreneurs it has opened the door for women to ask the question “Where Do I Fit?” Women are plagued with issues that challenge their spiritual, physical, and emotional state. While questioning their home, school and work placement trying to figure out or determine if there is a career that is satisfying out there for them. Just For U Ministries, being true to our mission discovered that the “Where Do I Fit?” workshop sessions empower women to become the change they need to see. The response “I needed this!” has identified a core population of women that are impoverished, experiencing change of life, or experiencing life crises.

“Where Do I Fit?” has three principle concepts for women as a foundation to provoke change; 1) courage, 2) truth and 3) exploration. Women are given the tools to become strong and courageous leaders, women who walk in destiny and are divinely inspired with insight that comes only from God.



Sandra understands that training and equipping women with the right tools are the essential components to developing influential women of great value and worth. The impact of this training transcends generations and breaks cycles of dysfunction and despair. It is the ultimate plan that hope will be restored, minds will be renewed, and finances will be rehabilitated.

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